Hal Rhalosenberg was born in April 1951 in the small town of New York City, New York.

Growing up in the New York in the 60′s, Hal saw it all. In his teens, Hal migrated to Israel with his New Foundland Dog, Santana.

After three years, Hal met his first wife, Denise, who was Australian. Denise’s stories of Captain Cook’s Island intrigued Hal and 6 months later they were on a jet to Melbourne in 1974.

Hal has lived in Australia ever since, marrying twice and having three children.

Hal met his current wife, the love of his life in 2000, Libbie. Now married, Libbie helps Hal with the maintenance of Just Collectables, a monumental task for Hal to undertake alone. There, with the help of Libbie’s three children,and Hal’s three children the family has taken Just Collectables to great heights.

It would also be important to note at this point the serious contributions made by Mr. Badja, Hal’s Jack Russell.

Hal’s passionate interest lives in the collectable world, however he shares his time and devotion with his 30 year career in the community service sector, specialising in Drug & Alcohol recovery for members of society who are down and out.Hal began his first collection in the early 90s, collecting miniature Disney figurines and from there began to collect all manner of televisual and movie paraphernalia.It was in 2007 that Hal bought Just Collectables. A well known collectables store which had been established for around 18 years.Since then Hal has moved the store from Chapel St. in Melbourne to Windsor Avenue in Mount Waverley in order to accomodate the increased volume of collectable goods which have come into Just Collectables’ possession.Also occassionally known as Black Bullet Collectables in China, Just Collectables under the guidance of Hal aims to create a strong community in both the Melbourne region and the online world.

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